Light Guided Surgical Technology

ICLED® is the first and only patented light guided technology for cosmetic surgery. The all-inclusive surgical system is a one-time use disposable, surgical kit that enables procedures to be performed using a less invasive approach. The LED light transillumination through the skin provides feedback to the surgeon regarding the depth and direction of travel of the illuminated Suturod® and attached suture. ImplicitCare obtained FDA clearance to market and sell the device in November of 2009.

ICLED® is a light guided suture delivery system utilized in many surgical procedures . It's ability to approximate and elevate the structures underneath the skin without the need for invasive maneuvers and large incisions, is what makes it a valuable asset in the world of cosmetic surgery. It allows procedures that are historically invasive and with significant risks to be performed quicker with much less risk and shorter recovery times.

ICLED®, formally was called iGuide® is recognized as a viable less invasive option to neck rejuvenation it was featured in a peer reviewed article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal in January 2012. Drs. Mueller, Leaf and Aston published a landmark paper describing the Percutaneous Trampoline Platysmaplasty performed utilizing light guidance with the 1st generation ICLED® Surgical Suture Delivery System. Furthermore, the light guided surgical kit has been utilized by surgeons around the globe since 2009 with proven safety and efficacy. Surgeons trained in ICLED® technology continue to experience the benefits of minimally invasive light guided surgical procedures.

The new generation ICLED® System has been optimized to improve its functionality and appearance. Both patients and physicians understand the value of minimally invasive procedures that are easy to learn, quick to perform, and deliver results quickly and effectively every time. ICLED® has a 10 year track record and has proven itself over and over again. ICLED's Light Guided Minimally Invasive Surgery Proves that Minimally Invasive Approaches Can Yield Maximally Effective Results.

ICLED® Light Guided Surgery